To infinity, and beyond!

Open since 2023 in Pont-de-Claix, south of Grenoble (France), Cosmocité is a science center that offers to explore the world around us through scientific knowledge and current events. Its diverse cultural programming, open to everyone from the age of 20 months, helps stimulate imagination, curiosity and critical thinking.

2000 square meters of discoveries


In Cosmocité,

  • Dive into the heart of the image under the planetarium dome with its 360° projections
  • Travel from real to virtual and become an actor in the projection in the immersive room
  • Explore the interactions on Earth and in the Universe in the permanent exhibition
  • Cultivate wonder in young children through temporary exhibitions and dedicated activities by Cosmokids
  • Observe the sky and the landscapes of Grenoble from the rooftop
  • Take part in exciting events, meet scientists, experts and astronomers to stay up-to-date on scientific news

A territory of science

La Casemate à Grenoble

Cosmocité is managed by Territoire de sciences, a public institution with the ambition to encourage the embrace of science and innovation by all audiences and to foster scientific, technical, and industrial culture in the Grenoble-Alpes region.

Discover Territoire de sciences as well as La Casemate, the second science center under its management on


A bit of history

Moulins de Villancourt

Cosmocité is built on the site of an old water mill called “Les Grand Moulins de Villancourt”. The mill produced flour for the Brun biscuit factory and has marked the industrial and social history of Pont-de-Claix since 1869. Designed by the architects Arcane and Cardin-Julien, the white volumes of Cosmocité echo the shape of the original mill building, dismantled in 2019.

Accessible free of charge in the lobby of Cosmocité, the ‘memorial testimonies’ tell the story of the place.

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